#ArtistSpotlight: This Girl Is On Phyr

Phyr 1

Phyr is an extraordinary artist. She is a rappersingerpoetlyricist, and song writer who makes music for all genres.  She is an epitome of a female artist. Born Takiyah Fowler who was born in Fulton County, Georgia she then migrated to Queens New York. 


Since Phyr was a young girl she always had a passion for music and began writing music in the church.  Phyr was a member of the choir at New Beginning Church in Astoria Queen. She is so talented that she began writing her own songs at the tender age of 10, creating her own melodies. She also attended Dena’s Dance School of Arts school where she studied tapballetand JazzShe got the opportunity to perform at Queens College in the Colden Auditorium. She performed in numerous talent shows in her neighborhood Lefrak City. Which is associated with known rap artist such as AkinyeleNoreaga, and well known basketball player Kenny Anderson.

Deep down in her soul she always had a soft spot for poprockalternative music even though she never lost the love she had for hip hop. Phyr has a unique style to her and is always using her creativity to create a different sound. Nothing she does can be compared or found anywhere else. She recently opened up for Uncle MurdaFred The Godson, and Ron Browz in 2014 at the 5K Concert Series. She performed at Tammany HallWebster HallTobacco Shop LoungeScranton PA at Irish Wolf PubBlackThorn 51, The Brooklyn FestivalTrash Bar, and she recently got a paid gig to perform in a Fashion Show at the Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn New York.


She was interviewed on the Imfshow, Nando Hour, and DTF Online Radio Shows. She also got a Magazine write up on http://blazinhotartist.com about her hot new single theHARDway ft. Fedarro. Another write up she has was on http://liondreamrecords.com/blogspot/Mixtape.html#/home-page/34.  Phyr has a new mixtape out called Hunger Games: Catching Phyr on datpiff.com. She has over 10,000 fans on Facebook and twitter she has over 11,000 followers. She already has moderate viral fan base.

Phyr 2

I had the opportunity to meet Phyr at a MayBach Music Group Pool Party in Brooklyn New York. She had a very poised attitude and was very professional. I knew she was serious about her music career after briefly speaking with her at the event. Phyr and I have been working together since then. I had the opportunity to interview her, sit in one of her studio sessions, and I recently got to see her perform  at Tammany Hall. I was astonished by her talent, stage performance, and music.  Phyr has taking me out a few times to help me understand who she as an artist and a person.  Phyr has a lot of popular hit records available on SoundCloudAudiomack and Reverbnation. My favorite songs  from Phyr are Lose ControlBeYourSponsor ft. Fedarro,  and theHARDway ft. Fedarro.

I love the song Lose Control because it’s a song that makes you feel good. Have you ever wanted to be free from all your problems? Well Phyr made this song to encourage others to let go of their problems. Too many people are stressed out and Phyr wants you all to know it’s alright to have fun and party. https://soundcloud.com/iamphyr/lose-control-1

The song BeYourSponsor is about a man wanting to sponsor to a woman.  She is definitely not buying into his game no matter what he has to offer. She feels as if she can hold her own, independently. She doesn’t need no man trying to buy her love.  Phyr verses are dope I love her flow and Fedarro voice is amazing. The hook is really catchy, I find myself singing the song when I am alone. https://soundcloud.com/iamphyr/beyoursponsor-ft-fedarro

Phyr 3

The song theHardway is about not being afraid to walk away from a relationship that may not be healthy anymore. In this song you hear both the male and female perspective of a tarnished relationship. Fedarro is singing why he doesn’t have put up with his lady’s drama and Phyr raps back why she is leaving. This is definitely the breakup song for 2015. https://soundcloud.com/iamphyr/thehardway

Phyr Facebook Fan Page: Click Here

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Phyr Hunger Games: Catching Phyr Mixtape Click Here

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Phyr Unsigned.com Click Here

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#Missouri!!! The Mike Brown Fallout

Mike Brown 

For the last couple of weeks we have been hearing about the war going on in MissouriMike Brown 

was shot and killed by Ferguson Police.  Recently we had numerouspeople lose their lives because of the Police. ferg

 The people in Missouri decided to step up and protest and let the police know that they will no longer take the police abuse without a fight. What pisses me off the most is that most people act as if there is nothing going on. The majority of the people are focused on the Ice Bucket Challenge and donating money towards ASL Disease


This is a disease that normally Caucasian people suffer from. To see so many melanated people participating in this challenge makes me sick because it shows me people don’t know their history nor their enemy. In these days and times it’s best that we become more in tune with who we are as spiritual beings instead of being distracted by such challenges. It’s a shame that most people know what happen at the VMA Awards and Suge Knight being shot.

Suge Knight 

People are quick to share such information that really doesn’t serve us. No disrespect to Suge Knight I feel that was a story that should be shared. I feel like what is going on Missouri needs to be spoken about too. This can be any of us real soon as things get worse with these police officers abusing their power. It doesn’t make since that we speak about celebrities everyday that does nothing for us. They just keep getting richer and richer and we just sit here dumbfounded to the things we should be paying more attention to. It’s time we wake up and start reading and teaching our children right knowledge.  We can do better as a people. We can run our own businesses. Settling for less never made since. If we can just get from in front of our TV‘s and turn off the Radio maybe we can find a solution to our problems. The reason why the Police get away with so much is because we continue to ignore what’s going on. It’s time we come together before it’s to late. If what is going on in Missouri didn’t wake you up I don’t know what will.

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